Innovating for safer roads in London: Mercedes-Benz Road Safety Dashboard

This live presentation takes place at 10am on Friday 19 November. Click here to register.

Vehicle data can save lives and now Mercedes-Benz is taking the next decisive step. London is one of the first European cities exploring how data from vehicles, starting with data from the Mercedes-Benz driver assistance systems, could make the city’s streets safer for everyone, in particular for people walking and cycling.

This talk will present the Mercedes-Benz Road Safety Dashboard, which has been developed by Mercedes-Benz Urban Mobility Solutions division together with Transport for London (TfL). This digital tool has the potential to identify higher risk locations prior to an incident taking place.

Rikesh Shah, head of commercial innovation at TfL, said: “With the Mercedes-Benz Road Safety Dashboard, we can identify neuralgic points that pose a risk to vulnerable road users.

"That's the great thing about this tool: we can now shift from reactive planning to proactive planning before a crash happens.”

(Xaver) Zhuowei Wang, Business Development Manager International, Mercedes-Benz Urban Mobility Solutions

Xaver has an engineering and business background (Dipl.-Ing. and MBA), completing studies in Germany, China and US. He has more than 10-years' professional experience with automotive industry and robotics.

Xaver is currently responsible for international business development management in Mercedes-Benz Urban Mobility Solutions, which has the mission to make cities safer, more liveable and sustainable.

In the past, Xaver has worked for Vitesco, Continental and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. He has also founded tech startups and won four awards for business and technology innovation.

He is passionate about road safety in urban mobility and believes “prevention is better than a cure” for road safety, because he was injured in a traffic accident when he was a child.