The Dynamics of Motorcycle Crashes

A survey was disseminated globally between May and October 2019 and 1,578 motorcyclists from 30 countries replied. The study identifies the dynamics of crashes between powered two wheelers and vehicles, road infrastructure, animals or other causes.

The most revealing finding was that the mechanism of the crash (the trajectory on impact) was far more influential in determining the type and severity of injuries, rather than speed or style of the motorcycle.

Elaine Hardy PhD
As a research analyst and project manager, Elaine has carried out numerous studies. From 1995 to 2003 her research focussed on the automotive sector, specifically, vehicle crime.

From 2004, she became actively involved in research focussing on motorcycles and road safety.Between 2010 and 2015, she analysed the reports of the Forensic Science Northern Ireland Crash Investigation Team and wrote indepth reports on n.150 road traffic fatalities in that region.

Her latest research is in collaboration with European Crash Investigators and James Ouellet from the USA, co-author of the seminal 'Hurt Report'.