The programme

The programme for this event comprised pre-recorded presentations, a live discussion session and podcasts – all of which were aired free to view.

All of the sessions and presentations below are now only available to watch via the Road Safety GB YouTube channel.

For more information or assistance please contact Edward Seaman by email or on 01379 650112.

Timed agenda

Week one (8-12 March)

Monday 8 March

Safeguarding motorcyclists: trialling new PRIME road markings for casualty reduction

Professor Alex Stedmon, Director, Open Road Simulation

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Motorcycle Roadcraft - the Police Rider's Handbook (podcast)

Featuring: Lisa Daniels and Dan Whittle (TSO); and Inspector Colin Reid, Police Scotland

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Tuesday 9 March

The Dynamics of Motorcycle Crashes

Elaine Hardy PhD

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Wednesday 10 March

Re-THINK! motorcycle safety

Colin Brown, Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement, Motorcycle Action Group

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Thursday 11 March

Know the Dangers campaign (video podcast)

Heidi Duffy MBE, Facilitator, National Young Rider Forum (ft James Rees, Koala TV)

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Question Time


  • Karen Cole (MCIA), Dr Cris Burgess (University of Exeter), Colin Brown (MAG) and Iain Temperton (Traject)

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Friday 12 March

#ridebetter with ‘Angry Al'

Debbie Huckle, Vice Chair, 2Wheels London & Road Safety Officer, London Borough of Brent

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Week two (15-19 March)

Monday 15 March

How to survive a powered two wheeler collision - a NHS trauma surgeon’s perspective (podcast)

Goldie Khera BSc (Hons), MBChB, MRCS, FRCS, Consultant General, Brighton and Sussex NHS Trust

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Tuesday 16 March

The $64,000 question: Are advanced riders safer than everyone else?

Neil Greig, Policy & Research Director, IAM RoadSmart

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Wednesday 17 March

Putting the 'Rider' in 'Rider Safety'

Christopher Hodder, Public Affairs Manager, FIM Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme

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Thursday 18 March

Understanding who 'young riders' are

Heidi Duffy MBE and Tanya Fosdick

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Friday 19 March

PTWs during the Covid pandemic

Tony Campbell, CEO, Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA)

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The Science Of Being Seen (SOBS)

Kevin Williams, Survival Skills Rider Training

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Week three (22-26 March)

Monday 22 March

The work of Fire Bike teams across the UK

Tony Smith, Fire Bike Team Leader & National Fire Chiefs Council Motorcycle Safety Lead, Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

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Tuesday 23 March

The National Motorcyclists Council

Craig Carey-Clinch

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Image: Wim Taal

Wednesday 24 March

Workshop: how to hit a motorcyclist

Saul Jeavons, Director, The Transafe Network

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Thursday 25 March

The Ridefree initiative

Lorraine Willis & Tanya Fosdick

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'Loss of Control' causes on a PTW

Mike Abbott MBA, Advanced Rider Coaching

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Friday 26 March

Working with YouTube Vloggers - 'Stepping into the Unknown'

John Furniss, Young Rider & Driver Officer, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership/SY Fire & Rescue

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An Industry which keeps doing the same things

Peter Riley, Director, Airvest Ltd

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