Working with YouTube Vloggers - 'Stepping into the Unknown'

With Covid ending many of the usual 'engagement' routes with young riders, the SRP team decided to embrace modern technology and venture into the world of 'YouTube'.

For the last ten months they have been working with local Vloggers, Mech'It Better, to produce a series of short basic maintenance videos specifically aimed at new young riders. The presentation discusses the 'ups and downs' of the ongoing project, while showing the love for 125's.

John Furniss, Young Rider & Driver Officer, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership/SY Fire & Rescue

John is currently on secondment to the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership from SY Fire & Rescue, his main role is to 'engage' with the high priority groups of young riders and drivers, to reduce the number of road collisions across the four boroughs of Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster.

While being a late convert to two wheels from four, John has embraced all aspects of riding, working his way through the licence scheme, CBT, DAS, and then through the various post-test training that is out there BikeSafe, SharpRider, IAM, Rospa, as well as off-road skill schools, i2i, British Superbike School, to also being a Marshall at BSB and WSB events before Covid.