The Science Of Being Seen (SOBS)

A magician knows that the 'world' we see has been built entirely inside our brains. The magician knows that the audience about to attend the magic show understands that they are going to be fooled, yet still can't spot the tricks. When we ride a motorcycle or a scooter, we become the magician and the drivers and other road users all around us are our audience.

One of our magic powers is invisibility, but there are a couple of extra deceptions involved. Yet the motorcyclist isn't aware that he / she is a magician and about to fool the audience. And the motorcyclist's audience of drivers doesn't know the biker is a magician either.

The 'Science Of Being Seen' (SOBS) presentation reveals the secrets of our very own motorcycling magic show by focusing on better understanding - thus enabling pro-active prevention - of the 'Sorry Mate I Didn't See You' SMIDSY collision between a driver and a motorcyclist.

Kevin Williams, Survival Skills Rider Training

Kevin Williams is a BTEC-qualified advanced rider coach and a qualified e-tutor with more than 25 years experience of training riders at all levels of ability from novice to expert.

Kevin has worked with on rider safety initiatives in Buckinghamshire and Somerset, and most recently with Kent Fire & Rescue Service.

In 2018 and 2019, he was one of a team of international speakers on the nationwide Shiny Side Up rider safety initiative in New Zealand, travelling around the country to visit over a dozen venues on each occasion.