The $64,000 question: Are advanced riders safer than everyone else?

 As part of a wider research programme to evaluate advanced riding, IAM RoadSmart commissioned Agilisys to survey a comparable sample of advanced and non-advanced riders.

The report looked at attitudes to safety, riding behaviour, self reported incident history and speed choices in a range of road scenarios.  The conclusions suggest IAM RoadSmart coaching does deliver safer, more confident riders who get more enjoyment out of their motorcycling.

Neil GriegNeil Greig, Policy & Research Director, IAM RoadSmart
Neil Greig joined IAM RoadSmart in 2007 and his role involves setting the strategic direction for its Policy and Research Division, co-ordinating its research programme and working with the media and opinion formers across the UK.

He also represents IAM RoadSmart in Scotland and in Brussels on working parties of the FIA Mobility Division.

Prior to joining IAM RoadSmart, he was head of policy for the AA Motoring Trust in Scotland, head of roads and environment for the AA in the Midlands and,  for a short time, technical manager road safety at RoSPA in the early nineties.

Neil represents IAM RoadSmart on many committees including PACTS, the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards panel, Transport Scotland’s Road Safety Operational Group, Road Safety Scotland’s Publicity Advisory Group, Transport Focus and Highways England’s Road User Panels, and the DfT Motorcycle Safety Strategy Group.