Workshop: how to hit a motorcyclist

How do we make sure our interventions hit their intended target? This workshop will explain why using STATS19 data to target motorcyclists for education, training and publicity isn’t very effective, and how even MOSAIC demographic information only tells a tiny part of the story on who your target audience are.

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Saul Jeavons, Director, The Transafe Network

Saul Jeavons is a director of The Transafe Network. He was formerly the Head of Investigations and Risk Management at the UK's Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), where his role included responsibility for road safety, collision investigation and fleet safety teams.

Prior to his time at TRL, he was Road Safety Manager of a leading private community safety consultancy, having previously worked as an Area Road Safety Officer in a highway authority.

Away from road safety, Saul is part of the team which runs The Overland Event, an annual gathering of motorcycle travellers from around the world.