The work of Fire Bike teams across the UK

UK Fire & Rescue Services have been engaging with motorcyclists through their Fire Bike teams for more than 10 years.  There are currently 36 teams across the country.

Fire Bike teams promote safer riding, encourage further/advanced rider training and seek to reduce the number of motorcycling casualties through several successful initiatives that have been developed and shared nationally.

Fire Bike teams have expert knowledge in bike safety and can take their motorcycles directly to their audience at general community events and shows, or at specific motorcycle events.

Tony Smith, Fire Bike Team Leader & National Fire Chiefs Council Motorcycle Safety Lead, Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service
Tony Smith has served as a fire officer in Hertfordshire for 25 years. His keen interest in motorcycles and road safety led to him becoming a founder member of the Herts Firebike Team in 2011. Tony now leads the team and holds an IAM Masters with Distinction and Local Observer Qualification.

In January 2019 he was given the National Fire Chiefs Council lead reference for motorcycle safety and has since brought the NFCC to the table of a number of national working groups. He is a Harley and Triumph owner and regularly rides in Europe and the USA, as president of the British Firefighters Motorcycle Club.