Road Safety GB considers cycling to be a healthy and environmentally friendly form of transport. We recognise also that cyclists have the same road user rights as all other road users.

As more people are encouraged to take up cycling, Road Safety GB is keen to help them do so as safely as possible. Our members are responsible for promoting and publicising cycling safety and most of them provide education, training and information to cyclists of all ages.

We would like to see all cyclists have the opportunity to receive appropriate training before riding on the roads.

Driver behaviour often places cyclists at greater risk so we urge drivers to share the road responsibly and considerately, e.g. ensure they slow down and give cyclists plenty of room when passing.

Road Safety GB would support the requirement for all adult cyclists (aged 16 and over) who ride on the public highway to have appropriate public liability insurance, either through their home insurance or separate insurance cover.

Cyclist safety helmets
Whilst wearing a helmet will not reduce the chances of being in a crash, we strongly encourage all cyclists to wear an approved cycle helmet to provide added protection in the event of a fall or crash, as well as to use appropriate high-visibility materials on their bike and clothing to enhance the ability of others to see them. Cyclists should also ride a well-maintained bike with the required lights used at the appropriate times and follow the Highway Code.

Road Safety GB encourages Government to scientifically investigate the value of cyclist helmets in terms of injury severity reduction and the affect that compulsory helmet wearing could bring in the long term.

We also support the need for compulsory training in preparation for purposeful cycling on the public highway (i.e. not for off-road play), where those aged 16 and over riding on the road at least complete an appropriate basic cyclist training course.

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