The pack includes an interactive CD with 30 copies of Record of Achievement Books. It can be used on either a white board or through a computer link, and is supported with teacher resources, printable work sheets, and letters to parents/carers – explaining what the children are working on. Each child taking part will also be given a Record of Achievement Book, which they have to complete.

These ‘Record of Achievement Books’ are taken home to be signed off by their parents/carers after the completion of each module, which will hopefully encourage parents and their children to talk about road safety. It is hoped that this can be used as a stepping stone and improve both the children’s and parents understanding of the road environment.

The Manchester Road Safety Team see this educational resource as an easy to use resource supporting pedestrian training, and a valuable and worthwhile tool that can be used within the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum.

We want to make this resource available to any authority that wishes to benefit from it. The program is now available for sale and can also be customised to suit individual requirements.

We are marketing the resource through Electromedia who can supply more information and a demonstration. Please contact Electromedia on Tel No: 0161 905 1254 or email:

To view samples of this resource please visit the website

Price for a pack that includes the CD Rom and 25 Record of Achievement Books is: £24 each for 49 and under copies ordered. 50 or over packs ordered is £22 each.

Record of Achievement Books can be ordered separately. Please ring for a price. Please note that VAT is to be added to the above prices.

To order a copy or copies of ‘Togo & Nogo’ or to find out more about these resources please contact Kerry Unsworth on Tel No: 0161 234 4480


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