2015 collision data plotted on online map

12.00 | 17 August 2016 | | 4 comments

A free web mapping service which shows details of road collisions and casualties across Britain now includes data for 2015 which was only released a month ago by DfT.

Developed by Buchanan Computing – a specialist supplier of software, training and web mapping for traffic professionals – CollisionMap.uk can be used without the need for registration.

Buchanan Computing says that while collision data is made available to the public by the Government, it is presented in a format that is ‘difficult to visually interprut’. In contrast, it says that Collisionmap.uk ‘

provides everyone the ability to have free access to this important dataset in an understandable format’. 

Whether it be the whole of Great Britain or an individual street, users can locate their chosen area and view data which goes back to 2011.

The map, which is colour coded, includes filters by date range and severity classification. Details available include type of collision, how many vehicles were involved and the number of casualties.

Published on 30 June, the new DfT figures show that 1,732 people were killed in reported road traffic accidents in Great Britain in 2015 – the second lowest number on record after 2013.

Although the 2015 figure represents a decrease of 43 fatalities (or 2.4%) from 2014, the DfT says this can be attributed to ‘natural variation’.

The DfT says in statistical terms the number of fatalities has remained unchanged since 2011. However, there were 45% fewer fatalities in 2015 than a decade earlier in 2006 and 4% fewer than the 2010-14 average.



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    Yes, a very good reason. Northern Ireland is not actually in Great Britain. That’s why on UK passports it says the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

    Rod King, Cheshire, 20’s Plenty for Us
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    As it is a collision map of Britain is there any good reason why they have missed off Northern Ireland? Or do they have such an exceptional safety record there are no incidents.

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    CollisionMap.uk is slightly different – it uses OS maps rather than google (so doesn’t have streetview) allows filtering to individual day precision rather than by year, shows child casualties, OAPs (Crashmap doesn’t show OAPs in its free version)), pedal cycles and twmv in the summary rather than having to use filters to find if these were involved (but it doesn’t have filters for these, so can’t show many of these in an area), and will show far more accidents on a map at once (thousands(?) of dots at once rather than the 250(?) in Crashmap).
    (Both use maps which are out of date, missing some changes to roads at least a year ago)

    David S, Scotland
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    Is this not exactly the same as http://www.crashmap.co.uk? That also has the 2015 data on it and goes back to 2005. It works on a mobile phone and tablet too but this one doesn’t. You can also get more data about those involved but they charge for that.

    Wayne Williams – London
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