Bereaved mother continues safety camera campaign

09.45 | 3 August 2010 |

A year after safety cameras in Swindon were turned off, a local bereaved mother and Brake, the road safety charity, are calling on the council to turn them back on.

Caroline Hannah’s son, Tyrese, was killed in March 2008, after a speeding driver lost control and mounted the pavement. Since Tyrese’s death, Caroline has campaigned for safety cameras to be turned back on by Swindon council.

Swindon’s decision to turn off its safety cameras has come to the fore in the current national debate following Oxfordshire’s decision to turn its cameras off, due to funding cuts.

Caroline said: “I am disgusted with the lack of concern shown by Swindon council for the safety of the public. I want them to know that people care about road safety.

“They need to take a look at the research on safety cameras instead of listening to the few fanatics who just don’t like being caught when they break the law.”

Ellen Booth, Brake’s campaigns officer, added: “It is really important to remember the bottom line in the debate on safety cameras. In this case the bottom line isn’t money; it’s life and death.

“Fixed cameras continue to be an invaluable and economic safety resource that slow traffic down and reduce the numbers of people killed and injured on our roads.”

For more information contact Ellen Booth at Brake.


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