Bikers encouraged to ‘Do it for Dave’

09.38 | 23 November 2023 |

Leicestershire Fire & Rescue has launched a new campaign to increase uptake on the Biker Down course.

‘Do it for Dave’ tells the story of Dave, a biker who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while riding his bike.

Dave survived thanks to the assistance of Peter, Tim, Paul and Susie – who had taken a Biker Down course.

Biker Down is a free three-hour course offered by more than 20 fire and rescue services across the country.

It teaches bikers scene safety, emergency first aid and how to keep themselves safe and seen on the roads.

‘Do it for Dave’ was pre-launched at Motorcycle Live on 20 November, with the campaign video being shown on the main stage screen.

The campaign is now up and running on social media, running across all the platforms used by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service.

Speaking in the video, Dave said: “The Doctors have told me I shouldn’t be here, pure and simple.”



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