Black box data shows students among safest young drivers

10.15 | 28 June 2018 | | 1 comment

Image: WiseDriving via Twitter

Students are among the safest young drivers, according to new figures from telematics insurance provider WiseDriving.

Through the use of black box devices WiseDriving provides young drivers with a monthly score – calculated out of 100 – based on four elements: acceleration, braking, time of day and speed. The score helps WiseDriving work out how much each policyholder should be paying for their insurance.

Analysis of more than 30,000 policies shows that students average a score of 67 – compared to those with jobs such as electricians (58) and plumbers (59).

Students living away from home averaged a higher score (67) than mature students living at home (64).

With a score of 66.5, women averaged higher than men (63) – while those driving cheaper cars also scored better.

WiseDriving says its data proves black boxes ‘encourage younger drivers to navigate the roads safely’.

Matt Crane, WiseDriving product manager, said: “A driving score… is based on four elements: how fast the driver accelerates, how sharply they brake, what time of day they drive and their general speed on the road.

“Out of all our customers, student drivers are on average doing all four of these well enough to get a great score.

“Our findings go against a widespread belief that new drivers love to speed and take more risks.”

Matt Crane went on to say that graduated driver licensing (currently being considered by the Government) ‘may not be a necessary tactic’ because black boxes are encouraging safer driving.


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    Black boxes are useful however it is rather a leap to extrapolate black box users data to the rest of drivers young or otherwise.

    Pat, Wales
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