Brake claims ‘strong public support’ for action on drug-driving

15.16 | 18 March 2010 |

More than nine out of 10 drivers (92%) support the introduction of a drug drive law to enable prosecution of anyone driving on impairing drugs, according to a survey by Brake, the road safety charity.
Brake also says that drivers are ‘overwhelmingly in favour’ of a lower drink-drive limit, with more than 7 out of 10 (71%) agreeing that the current limit of 80mg alcohol per 100ml blood should be cut.

The charity also says that 55% of respondents support Brake’s call for a limit of 20mg alcohol per 100ml blood or lower.
Cathy Keeler, deputy chief executive of Brake, said: “It’s time for bold action by policymakers to demonstrate they are listening to public concerns on drink and drug-driving.

“Our drink-drive limit and drug-drive laws are hopelessly out-of-touch with public opinion and the weight of evidence showing just how dangerous it is to mix drink or drugs – or both – with driving.

“We desperately need a solid legal foundation for the clear messages of the government’s THINK! road safety campaign: don’t drink any amount of alcohol and drive; don’t take any impairing drugs and drive. The message is: Not a Drop, Not a Drag.”


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