Brake names its ‘Parliamentarian of the Month’

14.32 | 8 November 2010 |

Brake has named Tessa Munt, MP for Wells, ‘Parliamentarian of the Month’ for upholding road safety measures on behalf of her constituents.

Tessa (pictured) has been campaigning with local residents in the village of Chilcompton after a safety camera was removed from outside a primary school without local consultation.

Tessa asked Somerset County Council to justify the camera’s removal and for the data which informed this decision. She also contacted the secretary of state, Phillip Hammond, and the secretary of state for communities and local government, Eric Pickles, regarding this issue.

Tessa had also been supporting the campaign of another local constituent, Pat Ireland, who had been campaigning against the removal of safety cameras in her village. Pat had already raised £23,000 to pay for the installation of a safety camera on the road where her husband was killed by a speeding motorist.

Tessa Munt said: “It simply makes no sense for the council to remove the camera outside the school where the need is greatest – it’s simply wrong. The council has a duty to ensure these children can walk to school safely by providing adequate safety measures.

“I am putting pressure on Somerset County Council to reverse its decision or provide an alternative and some traffic calming measures. Children are vulnerable road users and we should do all we can to protect them.”

Jessica Wigglesworth, Brake’s campaigns assistant, said: “Brake would like to congratulate Tessa for her hard work in supporting the constituents in her area to strive for a safer and healthier community. We hope that Tessa will keep up their commendable work in the future.”

For more information contact Ellen Booth, Brake’s campaigns and research officer, on 01484 550067.


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