Brake names its ‘Parliamentarian of the Month’

08.59 | 7 April 2011 |

Julie Hilling, Bolton West MP, has won Brake’s ‘Parliamentarian of the Month’ award for her work in promoting pedestrian safety.

Since her election to parliament in May 2010, Julie has been involved in three community road safety campaigns aimed at protecting vulnerable pedestrians.

Julie first gave her support to a resident-led campaign for pedestrian guardrails to be installed next to a roundabout in Bolton, after a spate of crashes. Despite her support, the council decided against the proposal.

In June 2010, after being contacted by campaigners, Julie urged Bolton Council to lower the speed limit and put up more signs on a route in Horwich. Although the speed limit has not changed the signs are now more visible.

Julie also backed a campaign to make a dangerously narrow pavement safer for children to use on their way to The Gates Primary School, saying: “There may not be an easy solution but that part of the road is very dangerous due to the narrow pavement; there are hundreds of mums and children coming and going and we really need to find a solution.”

For more information contact Ellen Booth on 01484 550067.


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