Calderdale campaign targets commuter riders and drivers

11.16 | 23 March 2011 | | 1 comment

Calderdale Safer Roads Group has developed a motorcycle casualty reduction campaign specifically targeting commuter riders and motorists.

The campaign, launching 18 April, seeks to avoid blaming any particular road user, but instead appeals to all road users to look out for each other and share the road space safely.

David Short, Calderdale Council road safety projects manager, said: “Casualty data indicates that the riders most at risk are those who are commuting in heavy traffic during the morning and evening rush hour periods. Typical collisions involve filtering, negotiating junctions and lack of visibility.”

The campaign includes a local radio ad and a poster which will feature on bus backs.

Click here to listen to the radio ad, or for more information contact David Short on 01422 392142.


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    From the comments above by David Short it would appear that the campaign is more directed at what the motorcyclist is doing in terms of filtering, negotiating junctions and apparent lack of visibility [or should we be PC and call it conspiquity]. So what about the car drivers who rely on the SMIDGY excuse. Because invariably ‘they weren’t looking.’ but then its not their fault, was it.

    Even the picture of the bike on the ground and the language ‘Be mindful not mindless! can be construde as being primarily blaming the motorcyclist for the accident.

    Nice one Calderdale.

    Bob Craven
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