Campaign calls on employers take action on cycling

12.00 | 2 May 2012 |

A campaign launched today (2 May) is calling on employers to take action to enable staff to cycle to work safely, following a survey which revealed that many commuters would cycle to work if it was less dangerous.

Brake, the road safety charity and solicitors Bolt Burdon Kemp, are urging employers to back their ‘Cycle for life’ campaign and to attend a seminar about promoting safe cycling.

The call comes following a survey which revealed that 35% of commuters would cycle to work if it was safer. 46% of respondents also said that they would make other local journeys by bike if roads were safer.

The majority of respondents said 20mph limits and other safe cycling measures were needed in their area. 15% already have widespread 20mph limits and 13% have other safe cycling measures like cycle paths. Of those who don’t already have them, 73% would back widespread 20mph limits and 83% would back measures like cycle paths being introduced in their community.

Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive, said: “Employers can play a crucial role in promoting safe cycling and helping more people use their bikes without running the gauntlet of dangerous roads.

“Our survey shows there’s widespread demand and support for measures to make commuting, and other local journeys, by bike, safer. Organisations can help bring this about.

“We’re also calling on local authorities to do more to enable safe cycling, and appealing to the Government to encourage and fund more authorities to take the vital steps needed so people can take to their bikes without fear.”

For more information contact Stephen Belfield at Brake on 01484 550057.


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