Car seat can detect heart attacks

15.12 | 3 June 2011 |

Ford is developing a car seat that uses electrode-sensing technology to detect if a driver is about to have a heart attack (Yahoo news).

The data collected by the system can monitor anyone, not just those with pre-existing heart conditions. Ultimately, it can be used to warn the driver of imminent danger – like a heart attack – and give them the opportunity to stop the car. The on-board telephony could also alert the appropriate emergency services.

Professor Steffen Leonhardt, from RWTH Aavhen University, said: “The ability to monitor hearts at the wheel could offer massive benefits in terms of health and road safety, both for the user and the wider public.”

Developed by Ford to help those with chronic illnesses or medical disorders to remain mobile, the heart-monitoring seat joins other health aids including asthma management tools, web-based allergen alert solutions and a glucose monitoring device for diabetic drivers.

The seat is still in development, with Ford needing to overcome some hurdles regarding monitoring through clothing. Despite this, 90-95% of subjects proved to be compatible during stationary testing, with highly accurate readings for up to 98% of time behind the wheel.

Click here to read the full Yahoo news report.


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