CIHT welcomes coalition’s ‘change of approach’ regarding strategy and targets

11.49 | 21 September 2010 |

According to The Charted Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT), the new coalition government has indicated that it is willing to discuss a new road safety strategy, and possible targets, beyond 2010.

CIHT and other road safety bodies have called for a re-introduction of road safety targets, pointing to studies showing that their presence has made a positive contribution to casualty reduction.

CIHT called on the government to look at what the guiding principles for road safety over the next decade should be, having reached the end of the period covered by the DfT’s ‘Tomorrow’s Roads – Safer for Everyone’.

CIHT says that in response Theresa Villiers (pictured), minister of state for transport, said the government is “committed to ensuring that road safety strategy is a priority”. Ms Villiers added that the government is prepared to “discuss the road safety agenda post 2010, including the role of strategy and/or targets”.

John Smart, CIHT, welcomed what he called a ‘change of approach’, saying: “This is an example of the new coalition government responding to requests by road safety professionals.

“We look forward to being able to provide guidance and support for the development of any future road safety strategy.”

Rob Gifford, PACTS, said: “Both UK and international experience shows that a strategy underpinned by a measurable target make a real difference in road safety.

“I hope that we can work with the new government to take forward the professional commitment to saving lives on our roads.”

For more information contact Daniel Isichei, CHIT director of communications, on 020 7336 1567.


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