DfT launches carbon reduction strategy

08.43 | 16 July 2009 |

Carbon emissions from domestic transport will be reduced by up to 14% over the next decade as a result of the Government’s carbon reduction strategy, which was published last week.

Transport currently makes up 21% of all UK domestic carbon emissions. The strategy, ‘Low carbon transport: a greener future’, sets out the policies and proposals for reducing transport sector emissions through to 2022.

It also frames the debate for the longer-term decarbonisation of transport to give people and businesses more low carbon choices about when, where and how to travel or transport goods.

Andrew Adonis, transport secretary, said: "Transport accounts for a significant amount of our domestic emissions. Therefore decarbonising this sector has to be front and centre of efforts to meet our obligations and commitments to tackle climate change.

“Our strategy sets out a long-term vision for a fundamentally different transport system in our country, where carbon reduction is a central consideration in the way we do business.

"If we are to safeguard the future of transport then we must also safeguard the environment that it impacts upon."

The strategy sets out how an additional 85 million tonnes of CO2 from domestic transport can be saved from 2018-2022 by: supporting a shift to new technologies and fuels; promoting lower carbon choices; and using market mechanisms to encourage the shift to lower carbon transport.

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to read the full DfT press release.


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