Drive iQ campaign launched to coincide with Road Safety Week

12.00 | 20 November 2012 |

To coincide with Road Safety Week (19 – 25 November), a2om has launched a campaign to get its Drive iQ software to “every 16 year old in the UK”.

Drive iQ is a free online evidence-based education platform for young people and their schools, which puts pre-drivers and novices through potentially hazardous road scenarios. It works by accelerating frontal lobe maturation and hones the skills often neglected by young drivers, including danger anticipation, hazard perception, eye scanning, impulse and emotion.

Drive iQ is distributed by a2om CIC, a social enterprise, and more than 350 schools and 30,000 young people use the programme.

Della Phillips and Carol Morgan, two mums who have personally suffered from the effects of road collisions, are championing the initiative.

Carol Morgan, whose daughter was left fighting for her life and paralysed following a crash a few months after passing her test, said: “Looking back I wish now that she had not passed so quickly and easily; perhaps a failure and subsequently more lessons would have prevented all of this. Apathy simply isn’t an option here, because road crashes don’t discriminate. So we urge parents and schools not to leave it to chance.”

Sarah Rowley, CEO of a2om CIC, said: “Whether your child is 16 and thinking about learning to drive, currently having driving lessons or has just passed their test, Drive iQ is relevant for them.

“This year we have also added a cycling module to help young drivers respect cyclists and vice-versa. All we want is for parents to know they are there, so they can incorporate them into their child’s learning to drive process. In this case better education has the power to save lives.”

Click here for free access of Drive iQ.


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