Father’s pavement protest cut short

15.26 | 9 April 2009 |

A father who accompanied his son on the walk to school by following him in the car to protest at the lack of pavements has been warned he could be arrested (Telegraph).

David Kirkwood, a self-employed builder, dressed his 10-year-old son Archie in a high-visibility jacket and drove slowly behind him in his red Fiesta topped with a sign which read: "Thank you for sharing the road. Archie is walking to school and back."

Mr Kirkwood said the move was intended to highlight the dangers of Archie walking to school along a 60mph country lane which has no pavements, which his father believes Essex County Council should have provided.

However, his protest was cut short when Essex Police officers picked up Archie in their police car and drove him to school over fears for his safety and warned his father he could be arrested if he repeated the act.

Click here to read the full Telegraph news report.


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