Festival-goers warned about morning after drink driving

12.07 | 9 July 2019 |

One in five festival-going motorists have driven home ‘hungover’ the day after the festival ended, a new survey suggests.

According to the survey, carried out by the comparison website Confused.com, 20% of those who have driven home the day after a festival confessed to feeling hungover – with a further 6% saying they felt over the drink-drive limit.

Confused.com is urging festival-goers to be mindful of their alcohol consumption if they know they have to drive the next day.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com, said: “Most of us like to enjoy a few drinks over the summer, especially at festivals. But we should be cautious if we’re driving the next day, as you can still be over the limit hours later. 

“One way to avoid this risk by taking out temporary car insurance cover. This means a friend or family member can take control if they are in a better state to drive.

“Otherwise, we should always leave plenty of time between drinking and jumping behind the wheel. Better safe than sorry.”

Many ‘confused’ about morning after drink driving
The survey also found nearly one in five (18%) motorists are confused about how long they must wait before driving the morning after drinking.

 As a result, Confused.com has released a ‘morning after calculator’, which adds up how much alcohol the user drank the previous evening, and then estimates how long until they will be safe to drive.

Amanda Stretton added: “Knowing how long to wait between drinking and driving is confusing. 

“This is why we’ve created a morning after calculator to help make it clearer just how long it can take for alcohol to wear off. And it’s longer than you think.”



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