Fire and Rescue team wins MAST award

12.00 | 11 February 2013 |

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service’s (DSFRS) Targeting and Evaluation Team were last week presented with the MAST user award for its ‘RTC Theme Profile’.

The team received the award at MAST’s annual user conference held at Dunchurch Park in Warwickshire on 5 February.

The ‘theme profile’ that the winning team developed used MAST extensively to unpack the area’s road casualty concerns and set them in line with the rest of the fire services priorities.

DSFRS attempted to identify and understand the people who were most at risk of a road traffic collision on Devon and Somerset’s roads so that its resources could be used most effectively with the ultimate objective of reducing KSI collisions.

The MAST conference drew together around 70 road safety analysts and practitioners from across the country with a focus on developing evidence based practice. A major part of the day was an unfolding case study where a number of different disciplines worked collaboratively on developing an intervention from needs analysis to evaluation.

The case study, which focussed on commuters in Leeds, allowed a range of expertise to focus on a single issue. The effect was to demonstrate to delegates how to go about translating casualty data into a campaign plan.

This year’s keynote speech was delivered by David Davies, the new executive director of PACTS, who talked about the role of evidence in influencing decision makers.

Click here to view DSFRS’s theme profile, or click here to see a list of the presentations (available for download).

For more information about the conference contact Bruce Walton on +44 (0)1295 731818, or Dan Campsall on +44 (0)1295 731812.


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