FirstCar offers free social media webinar for RSOs

12.00 | 13 August 2014 | | 3 comments

FirstCar is running a free webinar for road safety teams on how to realise the potential and benefits of social media marketing.

The webinar, ‘Effective social media’ (3 Sept) will demonstrate how to use social media to broadcast messages and improve exposure at no cost.

It will set out to show participants how to: create and set up social media pages; build an effective social media strategy; create clickable and likeable content; effectively target a key demographic; measure success; improve engagement strategies; and minimise time investment.

There will also be a live discussion to answer participants’ questions.

James Evans, publisher of FirstCar, said: “Social media is an undeniably powerful tool – Facebook and Twitter, along with countless other platforms, bring an unprecedented opportunity to communicate with vast numbers of people for free.

“It’s also an excellent way to communicate a message, especially when the key target demographic is the under-25s.

“Effective social media engagement is therefore essential to road safety teams nationwide if they are to achieve the maximum possible audience for their message in the digital age. Unfortunately, although the benefits of social media are widely understood, effective social media engagement is not.

“FirstCar aims to rectify this by providing a free one-hour webinar for road safety teams on the benefits of social media marketing.”

The webinar is being held on 3 September, 2:00-3.00pm. There are 50 free places available – to register contact James Evans by email or call him on 08451 308853.


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    Don’t disagree about the qualities of a good teacher, but this is social media we’re talking about here not a school room. Imagine if you will a group of kids hanging on a street corner. If a teacher joins the group then the dynamic within the group instantly changes due to the presence of the non-peer. This is what happens in the world of social media where people gather in virtual groups that are bound by common views. An uncommon view from a non-peer within the network is treated with great suspicion and the responses to those views are usually different to the responses that would normally come from the established peers.

    Social media works much better as a peer-to-peer network than it does as a non-peer-to-peers network and so any messages must be introduced in a way that works with that fact not against it. No doubt the good people at First Car will be covering all this stuff in much greater depth during the webinar, but forewarned is forearmed as they say.

    Duncan MacKillop, Stratford on Avon
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    If the delivery of an education package is provided by someone who is up to date with their subject, therefore knows what’s down with the low’s, then their age is not an issue. In fact, if a lesson is delivered by someone who is perceived as past it in that subject then dazzles their audience with their knowledge of the subject being taught, you have just met a good teacher. If you feel that your teacher has just talked at you and been condescending as the previous comments seem to suggest then I feel you have just met a bad teacher? Maybe a bit too much of a blanket statement?

    Stuart Rochdale
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    Toppity top tip for social media is that if you are going to target a certain age group make sure that you are actually in that age group as well. Youngsters can soon tell if they are being spoken to by a middle-aged bloke or some other authority figure simply because they use a different form of words due to their different world-view.

    Duncan MacKillop, Stratford on Avon
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