Friendly face reminds drivers to adhere to speed limit

12.00 | 20 February 2014 |

Medway Council is using a tried and tested speed management device in a slightly different way to prompt driver’s attention to their speed.

The ‘speed indicator device’ (SID) is being used to display a driver’s speed in lights along with a happy or sad face – depending whether or not the driver is within the limit.

Medway’s safer journey officers are taking the device into schools as an educational resource. The happy/sad face is easily recognised by younger road users who are often car passengers.

With more people using emoticons in texts and tweets, the council hopes the faces will help enforce the speed awareness message among drivers, particularly younger drivers.

SID is also being used near schools and at sites with a history of speeding.

ITV News picked up on the story and interviewed Robin Cooper, Medway’s director of regeneration, and Gillian Hill, a head teacher in Chatham.



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