Funding to increase active travel in 400 Welsh schools

10.36 | 6 July 2020 |

The Welsh Government says it is ‘crucial’ to make walking and cycling a normal part of the school day – after providing an active travel charity with more than £1 million of funding.

Sustrans Cymru has received £1.1 million to deliver the Active Journeys programme in 400 schools across Wales for the next three years.

Active Journeys works with schools to create a culture that makes it easier for children to walk, scoot or cycle.

It provides guidance and support to address specific travel issues around schools – as well as activities and lessons focused on active travel.

Lee Waters, Wales’ deputy minister for economy and transport, said: “Making walking and cycling a normal part of the school day is crucial in further embedding active travel into our culture in the long-term.

“I have seen brilliant examples of this in Welsh schools and look forward to seeing even more.”

Sustrans Cymru says creating a safe environment for children to walk, scoot and cycle to school has never been more important.

Neil Canham, deputy director of Sustrans Cymru, said: “The programme is delivered by our fantastic team of active journeys officers, who support with planning, promotion and delivery of a wide range of events and activities to boost levels of active travel.

“We look forward to working with schools, parents and local authorities to create happier and healthier school communities.”



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