GEM seeks support for emergency services video

10.05 | 21 February 2011 |

GEM Motoring Assist is looking for support from local authorities for an online video which seeks to inform drivers and riders on how best to assist an emergency services driver on a blue light run,

GEM Motoring Assist is obtaining input from the emergency services to try and achieve ‘commonality’ in the script. They are also asking local authorities to be signatories to the video, and their support will be shown on the website where it will be hosted. Alternatively local authorities will be able to host the video on their own site if preferred.

West Sussex County Council has already agreed to support the project, along with ACPO, the Driving Standards Agency and the IAM.

GEM hopes that the finished product will be an ideal PR tool, as well as doing its prime job of helping to make roads safer and promoting better engagement between emergency services and the public.

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