Hampshire young drivers warned not to become a statistic

09.29 | 16 October 2009 |

A cinema advertisement by Hampshire’s road safety team warns young drivers and their passengers that they run a greater risk of crashing than other road users. 

The live action advert will be aired at cinemas across the county for six weeks from 23 October to coincide with a number of film releases expected to be popular with the 17- 24 years age group.

Using real life video footage from the emergency services, the advert highlights that inexperienced young drivers run a greater risk of injury and death in road crashes and that the danger increases if they have young adult passengers.

Ernie Sage, Hampshire’s road safety services manager, said: “We’re hopeful the advert will raise awareness and discussions amongst young drivers about being responsible on the roads.

“It highlights that at any second something could happen that requires you to take action, but being distracted means your reactions might not be fast enough and that could be fatal.”

For further information contact Charlotte Tilling on 01962 832204.


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