IAM supports TfL’s bus lane bikers campaign

12.01 | 20 October 2010 |

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has voiced its support of a Transport for London (TfL’s) advertising campaign aimed at improving drivers’ awareness of motorcyclists using bus lanes.

The new advert is part of a package of measures TfL and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have introduced in an attempt to tackle an increase in the number of motorcyclist collisions, predominantly involving cars turning into or out of side roads on routes where motorcyclists have access to bus lanes.

Lilli Matson, head of modal policy at TfL, said: “We know that motorcyclists want to be able to use TfL’s bus lanes, but we are also aware that they were the only road users whose safety was adversely affected by the last trial.

“We hope that our new, hard-hitting radio campaign, together with stricter enforcement of speeding by motorcyclists and the additional BikeSafe awareness training will help us to address the safety concerns raised by the previous trial.”

Peter Rodger, IAM chief examiner, said: “It will take time for motorists to get used to looking for motorcyclists in bus lanes.

“Motorcyclists using bus lanes are advised to assess individual vehicles in the ordinary lane – on their right – as they approach junctions on the left, to make sure that they are not going to turn left across their path, as well as taking the usual care with vehicles emerging from side roads.

“In time drivers will get more used to looking for both pedal and motorcycles in bus lanes, and sharing the road at junctions.”

For more information contact the IAM on 020 8996 9777.

Or click here for more information about TfL’s campaign.


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