04.53 | 2 August 2010 |

Local authorities and other bodies involved in the delivery of road safety/casualty reduction services are being affected in many ways under new policies being introduced by the new coalition government.

The reduction in casualties that has been achieved over the last 10 years has taken place alongside a steady increase in road safety ETP delivery, and Road Safety GB is concerned that the lack of a government-led strategy and withdrawal/scaling down of funding will result in this trend reversing.

The funding crisis is unlike anything that has occurred in recent history and Road Safety GB intends to do everything within its power to highlight the immediate and longer term consequences of this action.

In an effort to quantify the impact that these changes will have on service delivery, Road Safety GB is asking its members to complete this survey. Once the results are known, Road Safety GB will write to all local authority chief executive officers to ask for their personal support to ensure that road safety/casualty reduction is given a priority within their local authority, and that excellent road safety programmes and professional staff are supported in the future.

The information from the survey will also provide the basis for further communications activities by Road Safety GB.

Click here to complete the survey – the latest deadline for responses is FRIDAY 20 AUGUST 2010.

If you have problems accessing the survey please contact Simon Rawlings on 01379 650112. If you have any questions about the survey itself please contact Alan Kennedy, Road Safety GB chairman, on 0191 383 3767.




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