Knowledge Centre upgrade goes live

12.00 | 15 August 2013 |

The Road Safety Knowledge Centre has received an upgrade which effectively creates a ‘homepage’ for each section or road safety theme within it.

Launched in 2010, the ‘Knowledge Centre’ is a comprehensive online directory of road safety information and resources. It is owned and managed by Road Safety GB and financially supported by Colas.

Access to the Knowledge Centre is free of charge and available to all. There are currently (14/8/13) 3,669 subscribers, 445 member organisations and more than 2,200 items listed in the Knowledge Centre. The Help Forum in the Knowledge Centre has received 370 help requests from subscribers, which have generated 1,514 responses, and the Knowledge Centre recorded 2,250 visits in July 2013.

Each new section homepage includes a brief overview of the issue and casualty data (for example, drink driving) as well as details of current/recent campaigns, recommended reading and contact details for ‘experts’ in the subject. As was the case previously, the most recent uploads, most read submissions and help forum posts relating to the topic can also be accessed via the section homepage.

Nick Rawlings, Knowledge Centre project manager, said: “We hope that the additional information we’ve added to each section homepage will prove useful to our subscribers.

“By signposting people to recommended reading and organisations and individuals they can turn to for more information, the upgrade should most benefit those who are new to a particular topic.

“We’d like to thank our experts for allowing us to publish their contact details, and for their help in compiling the section homepages.”

For more information about the Knowledge Centre contact Nick Rawlings on 01379 650112.


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