Level crossings closed to improve safety

12.00 | 21 January 2014 |

Network Rail says that 10% of Britain’s level crossings have been closed since 2010 as part of a programme to improve safety (BBC News).

Network Rail has spent more than £130m on measures to improve crossing safety, including power operated gates and electronic warning systems.

The BBC News report says that 10 people were accidentally killed at level crossings in 2013, and that Network Rail will be investing a further £100m and closing 500 more crossings over the next five years.

Robin Gisby, Network Rail managing director of network operations, said: "Reaching our target to close 750 crossings in four years is good news for Network Rail, train operators and of course the public, but we cannot be complacent.

"There is much more we can do to make the level crossings that remain safer and we will continue to introduce new technology, upgrade crossings to include lights or barriers where appropriate and work with schools, communities and other organisations to spread awareness of our safety message."



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