Medway pupils walk to win challenge

08.32 | 6 July 2011 |

Sherwin Knight Junior School in Medway has been crowned winners of Medway’s ‘Walk 2 Count Challenge’ for the second year running.

20 schools in Medway took part in this year’s challenge, which is a two-part competition that saw pupils and staff working together to tally the highest percentage of walks on the school journey.

The challenge was held in conjunction with the national Walk to Work Week (9 – 13 May) and Walk to School Week (16 – 20 May) campaigns.

Sherwin Knight was the overall winner with 84.3% participation. They also won the ‘Every Teacher Counts’ section of the challenge, with 63.2% of staff setting a good example by walking during the week.

Bligh Infant School, Strood, won the ‘Every Pupil Counts’ challenge with 89.8% of its pupils having walked during the week. The Nordkvist family from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Gillingham were declared ‘Family of the week’ winners.

James Sutton, Medway’s safer journeys officer, said: “The walk to school challenge is an excellent opportunity for parents, carers and children to enjoy quality time together. We hope this year’s challenge has encouraged increased numbers of staff, children and parents to walk more frequently.”

For more information contact Anna Hinde on 01634 332736.


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