Meet Captain Kingston and the RoadSTARS

12.34 | 1 April 2009 |

Kingston Council’s RoadSTARS are once again championing safety with the help of a cartoon superhero – Captain Kingston.

Helped by his young assistants, Captain Kingston assists with everything including walking safely at night, advice on safer cycling and even how to tackle climate change.

The character was the brainchild of the Kingston Council’s real RoadSTARS – a student council of year 10 and 12 students from schools across the borough. They actively promote travel awareness and road safety to young people and the wider public. Last year the RoadSTARS won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for Education and Training.

Captain Kingston was brought to life by south London artist Steve Marchant and he now features in a series of cartoon strips and posters. The campaign kicked off in Kingston Town Centre during February and March on large illuminated posters.

‘When you’re driving leave the phone alone’ shows a motorist calling the emergency services in anticipation of causing an accident while driving and using a phone. Below this humorous but serious scenario, Captain Kingston points out that no call is more important than the lives you endanger.

To find out more about Captain Kingston and the RoadSTARS go to:


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