Documentary highlights ‘morning after’ message

12.00 | 6 December 2012 |

Don’t Be That Someone’s 2012 Christmas drink drive campaign highlights the potential dangers of still being over the legal alcohol limit ‘the morning after’.

The campaign features a documentary interview with a young woman, Reb (pictured), who crashed her car the morning after a big night out. She was unaware she was still over the limit and talks about the moment she realised how much worse it could have been.

Don’t Be That Someone, founded and run by Mike McAdam, reminds young people about the dangers and consequences of drink driving, passenger responsibility and the effect drink driving has on individuals, families and wider communities.

At the National Road Safety Conference 2012 Mike McAdam won a Lynda Chalker Award in recognition of his unique approach in helping to empower young people to not drink and drive.

Mike McAdam said: “Our documentary brings a very real human element to the important messages that ACPO, THINK! and local government are warning of: driving over the limit the morning after can have serious consequences.”

For more information, or to discuss using the documentary in conjunction with another drink drive campaign, contact Mike Mcadam on 07972 463 161.

Click here to watch the interview.


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