‘Barely Legal Drivers’ still under fire

12.00 | 18 April 2013 | | 4 comments

72% of respondents to an online poll organised by Road Safety GB disapprove of the BBC’s ‘Barely Legal Drivers’ series.

In Barely Legal Drivers (BBC3) young drivers take to the road in the family car, unaware that their parents are watching through state-of-the-art cameras placed in the cars. The series shows real footage of aggressive, dangerous and illegal behaviour by young drivers.

According to a report in Metro, 286 viewers have complained to the BBC about the series and 45 people have contacted Ofcom.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary, the local police force where one of the participants lives, is reported to be looking into the behaviour shown in the series.

In response to the criticism, a BBC spokesman said: "Barely Legal Drivers highlights the issue that young drivers in the UK are some of the most dangerous in Europe. It’s about making young people better drivers."

Nick Rawlings, editor of Road Safety News, said: “Given the controversy surrounding the series we thought it would be interesting to hear what our readers think. While the survey is small in terms of number of respondents, it clearly indicates a high level of disapproval of the approach the BBC has taken in producing this series.”

In total, there will be six one-hour episodes of Barely Legal Drivers. The first three episodes are currently available on BBC iPlayer and the next episode will be broadcast on Tuesday 23 April at 9.00pm on BBC3.

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    As a young driver, these young driver need to be off our roads. They receive a FREE INSURED car also. I thought we were in a recession, it’s great to know where our taxes are going to.

    Dee, newcastle
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    Instead of providing the better (or is the least worst?) driver with a free car at the programme’s end, would it not be more sensible to declare that neither of the young drivers was fit to hold a licence and then give them the training they need?

    David, Suffolk.
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    just a thought about on line polls – if the results are continously updated as votes come in are later voters unduly affected by a majority percentage established when numbers are low?

    Steven Cross Leicestershire
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    – In response to the criticism, a BBC spokesman said: “Barely Legal Drivers highlights the issue that young drivers in the UK are some of the most dangerous in Europe.”

    Any evidence for that statement?

    Kevin Willams, Survival Skills Rider Training
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