Competition sets out to find Britain’s best motorcycle rides

12.00 | 19 March 2015 | | 6 comments

A motorcycle insurance provider has unveiled plans to create a “definitive guide to motorcycling in the UK”, including an interactive map to chart the UK’s best riding routes.

Express Insurance Services has teamed up with the motorcycling-legend Steve Parrish to launch a new campaign to “celebrate a resurgence in motorcycle riding”.

The campaign coincides with Motorcycle Industry Association figures for new motorcycle registrations showing sales for 2014 were up 10% on 2013.

Bikers across the country are being encouraged to enter a competition by naming their favourite routes. Steve Parrish, the former British Motorcycle Championship winner, will then judge the best routes based on points of interest and photos.

Steve Parrish said: “I am really excited about this as I’ve spent my life visiting events, tracks and races all around the UK. However, I’ve never really taken the time to properly explore our beautiful country.

“Anytime I have been on a great biking road with fantastic views I’m usually in too much of a hurry to enjoy it! Therefore I am hoping to have a chance to find that perfect road trip – we can then pass these onto the rest of the biking world for them to enjoy too.”

Selected routes will be compiled into an interactive map, with prizes available for the bikers providing the best routes. The competition runs until 29 March.


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    Hi – I’m one of the people who put this together and we really appreciate your safety concerns. First off, we’ve made sure to include points of safety into entry requirements. But secondly, and perhaps most importantly, we have a police biker who is going to advise on staying safe while enjoying these routes. Finally, we’re judging these (or Steve is) based on points of interest, picture, text and, crucially for this thread, safety. We’re trying to strike that tricky balance between enjoyment and safety – any more suggestions we’ll certainly consider incorporating!

    Ed, London
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    One of the problems of encouraging more to ride great roads is that there are well known roads that are or can be considered dangerous by some, me included, because they are by their nature great roads for faster riding or driving. I am not in support of those that do ride too fast or in total disregard to the speed limit.

    Whilst road racing is illegal and insurances won’t support someone found to be actively engaged in it, we need also ask them to deter those who would time trial with use of sat nav etc. Those who try and beat their last time over a given road. Insurance companies refusing to pay out under those circumstances could or should, I hope, act as a deterrent to those who would selfishly seek pleasure at the risk and cost to all.

    Bob Craven Lancs…Space is safe campaigner
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    Perhaps we need to move away from the idea of the best roads for biking being the ones that offer the most chances for touching down footpegs on high-speed bends and for reaching stratospheric velocities? There are many riders who like to visit a place of interest via roads other than dual carriageways and motorways and at sensible speeds. As an insurance provider I would hope that the competition organisers are promoting safer riding, and in my book there is always room for someone to push that aspect of riding.

    David, Suffolk
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    I’d never win that competition – all my favourite roads are narrow country lanes ridden at 20 – 35mph, with frequent stops for a lean on a gate to enjoy a view!

    Derek Reynolds, Salop.
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    Agree with your comments Bob.

    The comment “Anytime I have been on a great biking road with fantastic views I’m usually in too much of a hurry to enjoy it!” may attract the wrong suggestions. There are many numerous sites on the net providing adequate coverage of routes throughout Europe that have interactive maps and can be downloaded for bike satnavs. currenlty has almost 12,000 bike routes.

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    Unfortunately many of the great rides for motorcyclists are the ones with the heaviest death toll. Many if not all of the rides can be found in publications and on the net anyway.

    Bob Craven Lancs ….Space is safe Campaigner
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