New book aims to help parents reduce young driver crash risk

12.00 | 29 June 2016 |

A new book has been published in a bid to educate parents and help them reduce the crash risk of young drivers.

‘Live and Learn: A Parental Guide To Keeping Young Drivers Safe On The Road’ has been written by Neil Snow, a driver training and education professional and former road safety officer with Nottingham City Council.

Described as ‘unlike any other learning to drive book on the market’, rather than focusing on skills such as mirrors, signal, manoeuvre, Live and Learn looks at the root causes of young and new driver crashes and offers solutions to help parents reduce their child’s crash risk.

The publishers point to research from the road safety charity Brake which shows that 94% of parents fear for their son or daughter’s lives when out in a car; and according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) road traffic collisions are the biggest killer of under 25’s in the western world.

Live and Learn aims to allay these parental anxieties by supplying parents with research and evidence-based options that they can select from in an effort to reduce risk.

Topics covered in the book include: adolescent development and crash causation; the learning to drive process and choosing an instructor; parental restrictions; insurance and telematics; and new technology.

The book is endorsed by the Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council (ADI NJC), a leading national organisation for driving instructors which represents more than 7,000 members.

Lynne Barrie MA ADI, chairman of the ADI NJC, said: “Though aimed primarily at parents, Neil Snow’s evidence-led guide will be of interest to driving instructors and road safety professionals looking to understand how a student-centred approach to driver education can improve young driver safety.”

The book is available to purchase from Amazon and its own website, priced at £10.99.



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