New training aid unveiled for emergency services personnel

12.00 | 30 May 2014 |

Production is shortly to commence of a new vehicle designed to help emergency services personnel to be safe around a vehicle when attending a collision.

The SES Vehicle (safety engineering simulator) has been produced to help emergency personnel learn to deal with airbags (drivers, knee, passenger and curtain) SIPS (side impact protection system), active head rests, seat belt pre tensioners, front and rear impact beams, and electronics (sensors, control units and wiring). It is currently being used by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service.

The vehicle uses a compressed air system to deploy the airbags which can be repacked and reused. The compressed air system uses the breathing apparatus cylinders located at most fire stations across the country.

Ajay Singh Whaid, inventor of the SES Vehicle, said: “During a collision, the vehicle safety features that protect the occupants upon impact can also put the emergency services at risk when attending the incident. Police, fire brigade, doctors and paramedics are at risk of injury while attending casualties.

“Vehicles are still live even after an incident has occurred, because there maybe another accident after the initial one. Only the airbags that are appropriate for the initial impact are set off by the vehicle’s control unit.

“Many emergency personnel may have not seen an airbag go off and this vehicle demonstrates airbag deployment and other key safety features around the vehicle.”

The SES Vehicle was showcased at the Emergency Services Show in September 2013 and has also been featured in Fire Times magazine.

For more information contact Mark Burnham, watch manager at Kingsway Fire Station in Derby, on 07773 684595.


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