North drink/drug drive review published ‘within weeks’

10.56 | 24 May 2010 |

Sir Peter North CBE has issued a statement saying that he expects his review of the drink and drug law to be published ‘within the next few weeks.

His full statement, which is available on the North Review website, reads as follows:

“When the Review of Drink and Drug Driving Law was established last December, it was agreed that I would provide initial advice to Lord Adonis, the then Secretary of State, by 31st March 2010.

“I have done this, as requested, providing him with my provisional conclusions on 29th March.

“It was made clear at the time that, should the announcement of the election intervene prior to completion of the Report, I would submit this to the Secretary of State after the election. I have now submitted my completed Report to the Secretary of State.

“Work will now proceed on the preparation of the Report for publication and my current expectation is that the Report will be published within the next few weeks.

”I am very grateful to those who provided oral and written evidence to the Review. I would like to thank those who gave their time to meet me and to those who gave their time and effort to provide me with written evidence.“


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