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12.00 | 10 September 2013 |

AA DriveTech, ‘Don’t Be That Someone’ and ‘Tune Into Traffic’ have teamed up to highlight the dangers of drink driving for young people by supporting the 2013 European Night Without Accident (Saturday 19 October).

European Night Without Accident is an annual awareness campaign that runs across Europe. The campaign uses peer-to-peer learning in party hotspots to engage with young people and make them aware of the dangers relating to drink and drug driving. The project was initiated in Belgium and is supported by the European Commission.

The 2013 UK event will take place at the Galaxy Centre in Luton and the focus will be on the “heroes of the night” who don’t drink and drive – the designated driver, or the passenger or friend who stops someone from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

The event will champion those heroes through a combination of comedy and interactive media. There will be the chance to ‘take on a hero’ at a reaction-testing game, as well as interactive comedy sketches from a professional group.

Mike McAdam, founder of Don’t Be That Someone, said: “We know that the answer to reducing drink driving isn’t stopping people from drinking, it’s encouraging people to get themselves and their friends home safely.

“We’re asking young people to look after their friends while out having fun, to be a hero, make sure their friends get home safe and that they don’t drink and drive.

“It’s fantastic that AA DriveTech share our passion for educating young people about the dangers surrounding drink driving, and thanks to their support we can make European Night Without Accidents a bigger and better event”

David Richards, marketing director of AA DriveTech, said: “As the provider of Steer Clear drink drive rehabilitation courses, we understand the devastating consequences that drink and drug driving can have on the families of both the victim and the driver.

“By joining together with Don’t Be That Someone, we hope to raise this vital issue in the minds of young people so that they think before they drink drive, and then make the right decision not to.”

Mike McAdam is urging local authority road safety teams and other interested organisations to support European Night Without Accidents. For more information contact Mike McAdam on 07972 463 161.

Don’t Be That Someone is an award-winning campaign that takes a proactive approach to informing 14-18 year olds about the dangers and consequences of drink driving. The campaign also examines issues such as peer pressure, the responsibility of the passengers, the after effects of causing serious injury or death, and consequences for families and the wider community.

Tune into Traffic is a UK-based campaign that is spreading the message of road safety to young people. The campaign aims to equip young people with the skills and knowledge needed to be wiser, more aware and ultimately safer on the roads. 


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