Pharmacy teams urged to support drug drive campaign

12.00 | 11 December 2014 | | 1 comment

The Government has issued a call for pharmacy teams to help customers understand changes to drug driving legislation coming into force next year.

The new law will make it an offence (as of 2 March 2015) to drive while over specified limits for a total of 16 drugs. Eight of the drugs could be used for medicinal purposes although the specified limit allows for the normal recommended doses that most patients would be prescribed.

The Government is keen to make it clear to people taking prescription or over the counter medicines responsibly – in accordance with the prescriber’s intentions and advice provided by pharmacists – that they are not affected by the law.

Pharmacy teams are being asked to support the campaign by placing posters and leaflets in their pharmacies that explain what the new law means for their patients.

Robert Goodwill, road safety minister, said: “Drug driving is a menace and this new law will ensure police have the necessary powers to crack down on those dangerous few who continue to risk lives by taking illegal drugs and driving.

“We have taken every care to ensure people who take prescription or over the counter medicines as instructed and are fit to drive, are not affected by the legislation.

“However, there are changes and people need to be aware of what that means for them. That is why I am calling on pharmacy teams to back our campaign to give patients the information to keep them safe and legal on our roads.”



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    Same drug, same dosage, different effect on different people. How would you know? Another ill-conceived law where perfectly innocent people are open to prosecution. In another decade’s time, will we have the same writers on here, demanding a zero tolerance as they do with drink driving?

    Anyway I have a stinking cold, off for some Night Nurse, should be over it before 2nd March 2015, when after that I could be classed as a headline grabbing ‘drugged driver’.

    Terry Hudson, Kent
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