Pupils against Parking lead the way!

12.00 | 19 July 2012 |

Pupils at Thorntree Primary School are calling on parents to park safely and considerately – and help save lives into the bargain.

The youngsters have joined forces with Middlesbrough Council’s Safe & Active Travel Team to launch the pioneering Parkwise Parent Parking Pledge.

School gate parking by parents at dropping off and picking up times can be inconvenient at best and at worst a danger to the safety of pupils, particularly when children have to cross between parked cars and may not be able to see or be seen by approaching vehicles.

The Parking Pledge was drawn up to address the problem and Thorntree Primary pupils became the first in the town to ask their parents to sign up to it.

Parents were asked to demonstrate their support by putting pen to paper and signing the pledge before handing the slip in at the school office.

The Pledge will then be rolled out to schools across the town, with individually tailored versions taking into account the particular problems at each individual school.

Councillor Nicky Walker, Middlesbrough Council’s Executive Member for Transport, said: "Clearly parents don’t intend to put their children at risk, but thoughtless parking, particularly near schools, can do just that. The Parent Parking Pledge is a great initiative because it’s being led by the pupils themselves, and that guarantees that most mums and dads will sit up and take notice."

Thorntree Headteacher Sue Picknett said: "We’ve tried a number of other initiatives over the years, but it’s still a problem, and one that can be easily avoided with a little care and consideration. The pledge will encourage parents to think about their actions and the possible consequences."


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