Road safety game targets school run

10.47 | 29 March 2010 |

A road safety game designed to encourage walking and cycling to and from school has been made available in primary schools across South Lanarkshire.

‘Tackling the School Run’ is available in three different formats – as a giant floor game, as a table top game and as a miniature game.

The game has been purchased using funding awarded by the sustainable transport charity, Sustrans, with a contribution from South Lanarkshire’s road safety team.

Sustrans grant manages Scottish Government funding under the banner Tackling the School Run (TSR), which enables local authorities to support schools to encourage walking and cycling. South Lanarkshire Council applied to Sustrans for TSR funding to promote road safety and sustainable travel on the school journey.

The money was used to purchase 14 Tackling the School Run floor games, 10 table top games, 100 miniature games, eight promotional banners and 1000 posters.

‘Tackling the School Run’ may be made available to other organisations to promote sustainable modes of transport, subject to a licence agreement at a cost of £100.

Nicola Boyle, Sustrans, said: “This is one of many fantastic projects taking place with Tackling the School Run funding across Scotland.”

Contact James Davitt on 01698 453 857 for more information.



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