Road Safety GB membership votes to reduce number of meetings

12.14 | 14 August 2009 |

As a result of recent consultation with its membership, Road Safety GB is to reduce the number of full membership meetings it holds to one per annum.

In an email to members, Alan Kennedy, Road Safety GB chairman, said: “95 members responded to this consultation, and they voted by 86 to 9 in favour of the recommendations made by your officers, the main impact of which is to reduce the full meetings of the membership to one in each calendar year.

“On the assumption that the annual conference will continue to be held in November, the morning of the first day will be given over to the AGM and this will be open to all members, whether or not they intend to stay for the conference.

“The conference venue will be determined by whichever region successfully bids to host the event – the host region in 2010 will, subject to final confirmation, be Mercia.”

The next Road Safety GB AGM will take place in Cambridge at 10.30am on Thursday 12 November, 2009.


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