Road Safety Trust under the spotlight in podcast

09.16 | 20 August 2020 |

Sally Lines OBE is one of the guests in the latest RSGB Talk podcast

In the latest episode of the RSGB Talk podcast, host Nick Rawlings is joined by Sally Lines OBE and Louise Palomino to discuss the funding provided by the Road Safety Trust.

The Road Safety Trust is the largest independent road safety grant giver in the UK and funds research and practical interventions committed to reducing the number of people killed or injured on UK roads. 

Since it was established in 2014, the Trust has awarded grants worth £3.7m to 49 different projects. 

  • Click here to listen to the Road Safety Trust edition of RSGB Talk.

During the podcast, Sally Lines OBE (chief executive) and Louise Palomino (grants director) outline how the Trust relies on driving offences for its funding, and discuss the moral dilemma this poses.

The pair also outline the impact of Covid-19, including the recently launched Small Grants Plus Programme, which has been modified to encourage applications that respond to changing road use and emerging road safety issues as a result of the pandemic.

For those considering submitting an application, the podcast highlights the ‘dos and don’ts’ – stressing the particular importance of evaluation and innovation in successful bids.

While acknowledging that local authority road safety teams are underrepresented in grants provided by the Trust, Louise Palomino points out that many of the funded programmes are partnership initiatives involving local authorities.

She also says the Trust is working towards addressing this imbalance through the new Small Grants Plus Programme, which is ‘tailor made’ for local interventions.

The Small Grants Plus Programme opens to applications on 15 September 2020 for five weeks.



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