Road Safety Week ‘reaches millions’

10.07 | 23 November 2023 |

Brake says it has been overwhelmed by the volume of media coverage and social media interactions from campaigners, organisations and schools raising awareness of Road Safety Week.

Road Safety Week is one of the highlights of the road safety calendar. This year’s event takes place between 19-25 November under the theme ‘Let’s talk about speed’.

Analysis of DfT data, published to mark the start of the week, shows road deaths and serious injuries caused by driver speed rose significantly last year – up 20%.

Brake also published the findings of a public opinion survey, which found that 92% of drivers think that speed limits are essential for the safety of our roads. 

Despite this, more than a third (34%) of those surveyed said they sometimes or often drive faster than the speed limit, and 40% think that driving just a little bit over the speed limit doesn’t matter.

The theme aims to start the conversation about why speeding is thought of as acceptable in some situations, what happens when people speed and why reducing speed saves lives.

Meanwhile, the #Brake5 Challenge for Road Safety Week has already raised more than £10,000 to support the work Brake does campaigning for safer roads and delivering the National Road Victim Service.

Medway hosts virtual session for council employees
Road Safety Week activities are taking place across the country, including in Medway, where the road safety team hosted a virtual session with council employees on 23 November.

The team – made up of Leanne Adams, Sarah Murphy and Sarah Savage – tested attendees’ knowledge of stopping distances.

Attendees also heard from a guest speaker from Kent and Medway Camera Partnership – and had the opportunity to ask questions about all things road safety.

The road safety team also sent local schools an edited version of the Brake Road Safety Week school assembly.



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